Artist is medal winner of the 100th anniversary ZPAP in Cracow!
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barbara frankiewicz

Born in Bogatynia in southwest Poland. Has been working for years with oil paintings, watercolours, graphic and interior designs. She has many years of experience and knows quite a lot about the big variety of artistic creations. She always discovered new variations by which she found her way to experiments and expressive paintings. She has found a unique style by combining nostalgic and modern elements. Barbara graduated from the Fine Arts College in Katowice. Later she studied in the Academy of Fine Arts Cracow, Faculty of Industrial Form Designing and in 1987 she got her masters from professors Antony Haska and Barbara Suszczynska. She also studied sacral art at the Papal Theological Academy in Cracow. Actually making doctor's degree at Academy of Fine Arts Cracow.

Through my paintings, I aim to establish positive relationships with the viewer. My intention is for those engaging with my art to discover within themselves reserves of peace, tranquility, mental balance, and consequently, joy, a sense of significance in exploring their emotions and feelings. A painting encapsulates artist's accumulated energy, which is transmitted through colour, form, and composition. I value viewers without artistic or visual education, who claim not to understand contemporary art. I believe in the power of pure energetic communication. I avoid storytelling in my work. Abstractly treated by me, the paintings do not narrate tender stories but concern the structure of the universe. I ask questions about the nature of existence and the condition of the human psyche in this currently accelerated world. I aim to engage the viewer in my world of creation in a way that ensures mutual satisfaction in shaping reality as a safe world based on eternal values - truth and beauty.