My artistry is a play with creative thoughts. I express them through the matter of images that emerge under my brush in pursuit of wisdom and understanding. I uncover the mystery of who I am as an earthly personality. I believe that visible reality is an ILLUSION and three-dimensional space is not real. All 'games' humanity entertains itself with are illusions that can be changed at any moment. The real world lies within us through encountering emotions at the moment of experiencing them. Reality exists only from the point of view of FEELINGS, not governed by logic but by ACTIVE LOVE. This entire material paradise was created to evoke emotions in souls. For what purpose? For the highest reward of life, which is WISDOM, which, in turn, is not intellectual understanding but emotional insight gained through experiencing life in 3D matter. Life is a magnificent stage; it is our KINGDOM OF ILLUSIONS, which I capture in forms dressed in the color and light of my feelings.

An artist is a seeker of TRUTH. For me, physics is its tool. I am enchanted by the latest discoveries in quantum physics, and I resonate so strongly with its theories that it has become the main actor in my painting for over 20 years. My fascination and curiosity about how matter works and comes into being are boundless. I can spend days reading scientific treatises and then weeks painting my understanding of them. I work in entire cycles. The earliest of them are:

'Brightened', where I paint cosmic events of supernovae.

'Metropolis', 'Embryonic Genes of Galaxies', 'Hadron Collider', or 'Karmic Drawings' are my registrations of quantum physics phenomena.

'Impressions' is a cycle inspired by nature, the beauty of nature. I do not shy away from depictions of humans, landscapes, and ordinary genre scenes.

My artistic education, starting at the age of 15 through the High School of Fine Arts in Katowice, then studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in the Faculty of Industrial Forms and the Faculty of Artistic Textile, followed by the Pontifical Academy of Theology in the Faculty of Liturgy in the Section of Sacred Art, and finally a doctorate at the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, totaling 17 years of education in the profession, allowed me to acquire sufficient technical skills to freely use the painting brush and handle any subject in the field of Fine Arts. I have been sharing my skills in educational work with students for over 30 years.

Goodness, Beauty, and Truth - Plato's well-known triad is my motto for a happy and valuable spending of the time given to us in this game called LIFE.