Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow - Doctors swearing, 2012Expand ↓

PhD defending at Fine Arts Academy in Cracow 'Za Medyceuszem' Gallery, 2011Expand ↓

100th anniversary of Polish Artists Union in Krakow, Art Bunker, 2011 (artist honored with medal!)Expand ↓

Plenair in Pstrągowa, Poland, 2010Expand ↓

An international project of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow under the direction of Prof. Zbigniew Bajek "Dimensions of Freedom", the place of action - Prison Łęczyca, 2009Expand ↓

Exhibition of Fine Arts Academy in Krakow, Hyrny Hotel, Zakopane 2009Expand ↓

Art New Center Gallery, Manhattan, New York, USA 2008Expand ↓

Beauty in art, Museum of John Paul II, Cracow, 2008Expand ↓

Exhibition in Silesian Museum, Katowice, 2006Expand ↓

City Art Gallery OBOK, Tychy, 2004Expand ↓

City Culture Center, Mikołów, 2004Expand ↓

Ediver Gallery, Maastricht, Netherlands 2003Expand ↓

Fritzen Gallery, Herford, Germany 2002Expand ↓

Art of Central Europe Countries, Bayer,
Levercusen, Germany 2002Expand ↓

Evivva l'Arte Gallery, Katowice, 2002Expand ↓

Plenair, Zaborek - Podlasie, 2001Expand ↓

Gallery of Bayer company, Warsaw 2001Expand ↓

Poznań International Fair, Poznań 2000Expand ↓